Our Sandwiches and Wraps

Choose from Brown or White Bread.

Open sandwiches can be served on rye or French bread,




 Corned beef






These can be made to your requirements salad, mayonnaises, pickle mustards mixture of fillings.



 Salmon and cucumber

 Smoked salmon and cream cheese

With a difference

 Creamed cheese and Bacon

 Humus and egg

 Spicy potato with rocket and yogurt ( wrap)

 Coronation chicken Better in a wrap

 Roasted peppers and onions

 Peanut butter and Jam

 Smoked Salmon with egg


 Duck And Hosin Sauce





 Refried Beans

 Salmon And Egg With Spinach

 Crab Stick Mix

 Humous and Egg

 Spicy Potatoes


 Ham And Cheese


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